Welcome to Cara de Loca Press. Our mission is to bring edgy, genre-busting fiction to our readers. We are a small New York based publisher, listing one or two titles per year.

For detailed descriptions of current titles, sample downloads, links to reviews and ordering information, click here.

Special offers:

Schrodinger’s Telephone — A new novella in e-book form. Now only 99 cents. Available exclusively on Amazon, with FREE lending to Amazon Prime members.

Loisaida — A New York Story is available as an e-book  for $3.99, exclusively through  Amazon. Amazon Prime members can borrow Loisaida for FREE. Paperbacks are available at bookstores, or directly from us at a special close out price of $6.99 INCLUDING shipping and handling.     Click here for full product description and ordering information.

The Death Trip speculative fiction for thinking readers is a quick read novella available for only 99 cents at Amazon and other e-book sellers around the web.

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